10 December 2017



our Cosnova team surprised me again with two lovely products from the latest Essence LE.

The first one is from the Winter dreamin' collection which is just coming out so you should have no issues finding everything you want. I received the 2 in 1 highlighter and blush powder in a lovely peach shade named A December to remember. What you see is the highlighter, it looks very peachy and I'm not so sure if it will work purely as a highlighter but I will try it and let you know. Underneath is the blush which is deeper in tone but also shimmery. I will try to upload the review as soon as possible with more photos.

The product next to it is a lipstick from the Counting Stars collection (you should hurry because this stand is being replaced by the Winter dreamin' line, I was trying to find the eye shadow and highlighter palette but was too late in two stores). There are two available shades, red one and the bright purple. Mine is the later and is named Shine Bright. For me this is a very unusual shade but I gave it a go. I will report back after a couple of days of wearing it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

03 December 2017

Black Friday Madness


Black Friday is already behind us, did you indulge yourself? I know I did. I really needed new boots which I bought with a whooping discount but there was also a drugstore next to it and naturally I went in and didn't walk out empty handed. I actually bought more stuff but some of them are 'boring' necessities or gifts for the upcoming holidays.

I wanted to try the famous EOS sphere balms for so long that I decided to finally snatch them on sale. I wanted to see what is this whole craze over the Pumpkin Space flavour and since it was only available in a set with the Vanilla Bean I picked up the set (I still haven't decided if the Pumpkin Spice scent is okay or I hate it, I will report back after I actually try it).

Labello came out with their version as well and they call them Labellino and since I'm a mint fan I picked the Mint scented one.

In the corner there are my new Real Techniques 2 miracle complexion sponges. The one I'm using right now from Bell cosmetics is great but getting old so I will soon need to replace it and everyone seems to love these orange ones so I hope they will live up to the hype for me as well.

I had my eyes locked on this Essence mosaic compact powder in Sunkissed Beauty for way too long. I'm a sucker for anything multitoned and this bronzer looked light enough for my pale complexion.

The L'occitane Terre de Lumiere radiant balm was an impulse purchase. I went in to only buy some gifts for my loved ones, I didn't want to buy anything for myself but I started talking with the sales lady about the already discontinued Acacia line. She offered me this hand cream to sniff saying that it has similar notes but to her it smells even better. I'm tempted to go back and buy the perfume...(for myself) needles to say that the scent is gorgeous ;).

The last items are new, revamped Catrice Art Couleurs single eye shadows. They feel buttery soft to the touch and I picked four shades, not that I need more. The darkest, bronzey shade is called Mademoiselle Chic, next to it on the top is Like and Subscribe, grey with pink reflex. I think my favorite is softer, bronze shade named Chocolate Cake by the Ocean and the last one at the bottom is the highlighting shade called Metallic Lights.

I'm planing to make individual posts with all of these products after I try them sometimes in the near future.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 November 2017



wow, this month really went by too fast. It is already the last day of Autumn and we are entering Mr. Winter tomorrow. I collected a handful amount of make-up, skin care, body care, hair care and even one nail treatment.

I will start with an Avon Clearskin blemish clearing bubble cleanser. I remember having one before in a different packaging but the concept is the same. It is liquid but when you press it down the light foam comes up which cleansed my face nicely, it wasn't too drying but I used it up way too fast. I think it lasted me only one month and I won't repurchase it again.

Next is L'oreal Micellar water which is already a repurchase. I like it a lot, it cleanses my skin and it is cheap. I received the new version of it which is now housed in a round bottle and the size is twice as big. I think it will last me for a long time and probably I will repurchase it again or maybe I will try something new.

In the green bottle is already discontinued Avon naturals Great Burdock and Nettle hair mist. It smells fresh like a forest after rain and it instantly makes my hair less frizzy and smoother, the effect doesn't last for long but it is a nice and quick 'fixer' and because it is not oil based I can use a little more and I'm not afraid of oily hair. This is my third bottle of it and I have one more backup left and after that one is gone it is gone.

In the little red tube is Yves Rocher Cranberry cooling effect face mask. I had it for a couple of years and maybe because it was a bit older I didn't noticed any cooling effect on my skin so I just used it up but I haven't noticed any difference so I won't be repurchasing again.

Now, Holika Holika Petite Essential BB cream was one of my absolute favorites and they don't make it anymore. They first replaced it with Bouncing one which was nothing like this and now they cleared all of them out and have a completely new Lolipop line. This baby was pigmented and so easy to spread, it covered my imperfections, I just had to set it well to stick it onto my face. The color was nice and fair but I sometimes mixed it with something lighter to adapt to my skin color better. I would definitely repurchase it again if it would still be around.

Under orange tube of perfection is pink Avon Anew Vitale BB cream which was a bit of a flop compared with the HH one. It was light but on my face it turned too pink after some minutes plus the coverage was so light that only people with already perfect skin could use it and be happy. I still used it up but on my neck just to connect my face with the rest of my body. I'm glad that it is gone and I have some other BB creams that disappointed me with low coverage that I can use on my neck and will replace this one.

The only one nail product is this old Avon nail experts adhesive base coat. Some time ago I added some golden nail polish to create my custom golden shimmery top coat but I didn't like it at all so I still used it as a base coat under my colored nail polishes and now I finally used it all up.

Melvita Damask Rose floral water was nice. I like the toners in spray bottles to refresh my make-up after I'm done with my cream products. I find that a little spritz of toner helps everything blend better together and absorbe into my skin so the result is more natural. Afterward I powder my skin and apply my mascara and I'm done. I find reaching for this trick more in the cooler months but even in the hot Summer sometimes a little refreshment is crucial. This particular bottle was a gift with purchase and in the past I already went through one of them already but I have to admit that I prefer the Lavender one a little better.

The very last item is the Rituals Touch of Happines ultra rich, whipped body cream. I loved the sweet orange and cedar wood scent which is so very 'me'. It was comforting and relaxing but I went through it way too fast. I don't think I would repurchase it even though this brand would be available to me. In general I adore their product but the price tags are a bit high so I usually get them as gifts from my lovely sister when she travels and brings them back to me as souvenirs.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

27 November 2017

Multitalent Wonder lip liner


I'm not the kind of person who wears lip liner on a daily base but if I do it is usually the clear one. I had one from Essence and it was wooden pencil which won me over. So when they replaced them with the one in the plastic case shown below I had to get it and see if the formula is still the same.

Essence invisible kiss lip liner in the Multitalent Wonder 'shade'. It is a clear liner with a waxy consistency.

It is quite thin and prone to breaking, something I didn't need to worry about when it was available in the wooden form. I also have a feeling that this one is weaker, it works but not as intense as the old one  ;(  I still use it on days when my lips feels and looks dry or even cracked because the pencil with its waxy formula will fill in the wrinkles and seal the flakes so the whatever product I'm applying on top of it will glide smoother. I still think it works but the older one was better. Now even these are discontinued and I got in total three of them and eventually I will use them up, now in cooler months even faster. After I will be done with them I will have to look for an alternative because now Essence don't even have transparent liner in its collection but I think Catrice has one and I know Avon also carry one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

25 November 2017

Avon True bronzing pearls in Medium Tan and Cool


Summer is way gone and I'm so behind with my make-up testing. I bought these two fellas right when they came out and I think it was at the begging of the summery season.

They are the 'new' shades from the Avon True bronzing pearls make-up line. They came out with four shades and I bought two of them. For me they are a mix of highlighters and bronzers well at least on of the shades is a mix, the other one is a straight up highlighter.

The first one is Medium Tan and it is pretty golden, you will be able to see it on the swatches. In the packaging pearls are in three different shades of beige and brown but the overall look that they give is very shimmery.
The pot next to it is simply called Cool and holds peachy pink tinted pearls. This one is lighter and definitely cooler toned.

I think Medium Tan would be better for medium skin tones, think olive undertone as the golden shift will compliment them the best and the right version in Cool would be better for cooler skin tones but I think it is more versatile because it doesn't have that whole lot of 'base' color. I think fair and medium skin tones could pull it off.

This is how they look on my pale complexion and the Medium Tan pulls very orange on me so I basically only wore it as a bronzer/blush topper because it is too pigmented to be worn on high points of my face.

On the other hand I love the Cool version even though I have a lot of yellow therefore warm undertone. I think this more of a pinky-white sheen complimented my pale complexion well and I was even able to pair it with a lot of different blushes. I wish I would test them sooner and just return the Medium Tan shade but I was too late and I will try to find other uses for it (think eye shadow).

They have two other shades but I have a very strong feeling that they will be way too dark for me so I won't even bother with ordering them.

Than you for reading and have a nice day

15 November 2017



I know it has been a while but I'm back, back with another empties post just to let you know I'm still alive and kicking.

In the past I bought two body washes from Balea but the scents turned out to be very plastic and gross. This one on the other hand changed my mind. Jamaica vibes smelled like fresh pineapples and the scent lasted all the way till the end. If I could still find it in the store I would repurchase it in a heartbeat.

Next bottle is Avon naturals Apricot and Shea body lotion which is one of my favorites from this line. I don't find naturals lotions from Avon to be the most moisturizing but I buy them because of the scent. I can't remember through how many bottles of this scent I already went through (three or four and I still have one full backup left) but if it would still be available I would get more.

Lush makes this amazing fresh mask called Catastrophe cosmetic.  It contains chunks of blueberries and when it dries the texture remind me of clay ones but apparently it doesn't contain any. My skin right afterwards feels soft, smooth and nourished, the next day I can notice my acne being reduced and less swollen. For me this mask does 'miracles' but it doesn't feel too strong or abrasive. Right now I have another one (Cosmetic warrior) in my fridge but I can already tell you that CC will be the one I will buy the next time I visit the store.

For a couple of years I have been loyal to Avon deodorants but just for fun I decided to get something different, something to break the routine. I decided to get Dove Original moisture cream anti-perspirant. First of all the scent is just what I like, it smells fresh like I just got out of the shower and after a long day of sweating my armpits still smell fresh. The creamy consistency absorbs fast and right after applying it I could get dressed and it didn't leave marks on my dark clothes. I seriously don't have any negative things to say about it. I went to the store and wanted to get the same scent only in a roll-on version (just because I always used this type and I started to miss it) but I decided to get different scent which I ended up loving just as much as this one but the cream is definitely more moisturizing and it absorbs faster.

A while ago I purchased this Yves Rocher instant youthful effect foundation in the shade 100 beige.  I have a full review of it here. I like the natural finish, the undertone matched me but the shade itself was a bit dark for me (that was before I got lightening drops). It worked with my skin pretty well in the cooler months when my skin wasn't excessively oily but in the Summer it didn't control my oils enough and I stopped using it and started replacing with with other products. This past week I remembered that this is still around and I wanted to start using it again but it started to separate really badly so I think it is time to let go of it.

The very last item is this Manhattan colour splash liquid lip tint in the shade Hint of Pink. It has  a very strong fruity scent and liquid texture which absorbs fast when you are applying it. The texture doesn't allow you to go over it once the first layer is drying. The color at first looks soft but give it a minute or two and it will turn into a bright fuchsia pink. I think that the formula was pretty long lasting but it was the bright shade that didn't suit my everyday mood so I rarely used it. I think I used it only once or twice this year and I know myself, I know I would rarely use it so I might as well just toss it and rather use lippies that suits me better.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 October 2017



this time I feel like my empties post is really big. In total there are 12 products and I have to contain myself otherwise I could write a novel about them.

So first it is Alverde hand cream with Mango and Mandarin scent (it was part of a Summer set which contained besides this cream also a body wash and a lotion packed in a see through cup which you can reuse to keep your drinks). The scent on this cream was great, very fruity and the formula absorbed quickly but I don't think it was the best moisturizer for my dry hands and I won't repurchase it again, if there is still some of the sets left.

Avon used to make these Foot Works all in one pedicure which were awesome (this is my second used up tube and I have one more backup left). Basically it is a light lotion with tons of scrubbing particles. I recommend using it in the shower in the morning when your feet are still clean and dry, you massage it in until the cream is completely absorbed and then just rinse off the particles. My feet always looked so nice and were really soft, I especially loved it in the Summer because the excess of the cream was washed off so my feet weren't sliding in my open toed shoes. They don't make it anymore but the last time I saw a tube that could contain something similar.

Next is another Avon Foot Works product but this one is the Papaya scented scrub. I don't use these on my feet because I can barely feel them but I rather use them on my face. The scent is very pleasant and there is tons of particles that actually do something, I just have to be careful not to rub too vigorously. I always buy these when the scents gets on sale so I get them for even cheaper but I would gladly repurchase this scent if it would still be available.

Avon X-series Recharged body deodorant spray. Well, the name is confusing isn't it? Is it a body spray? A lighter version of a perfume or it will mask my body odor if I use it on my armpits? I liked the perfume (which I still have even though it is a male scent) but something about this heavy masculine scent mixed in with my sweat just didn't do it for me. I have learned my lesson, never buy perfume inspired deodorants because it will make you hate the scent. I still have another one to go through and after that I'm done with heavily fragranced deodorants or antiperspirants.

Le Couvent des Minimes smile lip balm in the mint scent is stationed right in the middle. I purchased it because my sister loves the Pear scent (now they changed them and Mint is no longer available also now they have the Pear & Apple scent). That in front of it is a paper sticker which gets a bit messy if you wash your products from time to time or just hold them in the heat with sweaty hands. I liked the cooling minty sensation but I wish it would be stronger (I'm a big big mint lip product fan). Otherwise the product itself was clear and glossy but not exceptionally moisturizing so I will save 12€ or however it costs and rather spent it on better lip care products.

Next is Alkmene tea tree face wash. I don't mind the tea tree scent but this one got a bit weirder when I started approaching the end of the bottle so I make sure I used it up as fast as possible. I had the same packaging issue as I had with the Alp Stories face wash. The product is too liquid for this pump. The pump makes it convenient right? But if you don't hold the bottle in one hand and tilt it to an 45 degree angle the product will spill down the packaging and best of luck to you to scrape it off. I know that isn't that big of a deal but I'm lazy and if a packaging is promising me convenience I expect it to work that way. Other than that I don't have anything bad to say about the product itself. I pretty much always remove majority of my make up with a baby wipe so the face wash that I use afterwards just have to make sure every last bit of make-up is gone. On some lazy days I used it on a face full of make-up and it didn't completely removed my foundation or mascara but that is also not what I'm looking for in a face wash but if you do than this is not for you. I rubbed it all over my eyes and it didn't irritate them, I could even open them up and nothing happened so you have to give it some props for that. My skin felt fresh after using it but not tight, it removed all of my oils but it didn't gave me that unpleasant squeaky clean feeling. I have some others to go through but this could find its way back into my routine.

I'm testing some 'new' dry shampoos and recently I found this guy in my drugstore and two different scents lured me into purchasing these two colorful bottles (the other one is Tropical fragrance and I haven't tried it jet). Colab Unicorn fragrance dry shampoo smells very heavy at first, it remind me of a luxury products that are used in hair saloons. After a couple of minutes the scant settles but I can smell it all day long as I move my hair around and I like that a lot. I don't care that much about the packaging but I wish it would be a bit cheaper (it is more expensive that the Batiste) but I repurchased this scent just last week so I guess it is worth it.

I went through another body moisturizer and this time it is Avon naturals Green Apple Blossom body lotion which isn't available anymore. I think it is a couple of years old and I have that tendency to buy nicely scented stuff and then just leave them sitting in my closet or shelves because they seem too precious to use. The naturals lotions are nicely scented but not very moisturizing if you have dry skin, I just buy them because of the scents and this one was very light, barely there. Maybe that is because I kept it for too long or maybe it was just meant to be light. But in all fairness it did smelled just like the fresh green apples in the Autumn. I have decided to pull the breaks on buying lotions for now and try to use as much as possible because the one and only The Body Shop is coming to Slovenia. At first there will only be an online store but I don't care. I cheek their official page every day to see if the store is already opened and when it will I know I will place an order and buy some body butters that they are so famous for.

The last tube is my favorite Neutrogena oil free face cream. I can't remember if this is my third or second used up tube. It is very lightweight but moisturizing at the same time, great for under the make-up and it didn't cause me any irritations so when I was in the store and I couldn't find it I freaked out a bit. I did bought another tube that looks similar and I hope that they just changed the packaging and didn't touch the formula.

I have used up another pot of the Essence matt translucent face powder. I love this compact, it doesn't keep my face matte all day long but I can apply it on top of my make-up and it doesn't look cakey which is the case with most of other powders that I have tried. I already repurchased it and the 'new' one is already showing some pan.

Second to last is Avon kohl eye pencil in Bronze about which I talked here. I was very disappointed with how hard it was and I'm surprised at how long I kept it. I bought it sometime in May last year, I used it a couple of times, reviewed it and then I have never touched it again. Now I started to clean my make-up storage and I knew it was time for this fella to meet the Mr. Bin.

The very last item is a good one. I felt like it would be nice to finish on a positive note. I know I already used one of these pots before so I was excited to use this one again. It is Avon Anew Hydro advance moisture gel cream, very light and fast absorbing. It made my skin soft and nourished, sometimes I used it under my make-up but I rather used it at night with a drop or two of oil on top. I think it paired really well with oils and I already miss it. I found it in the brochure but I still have a couple of creams to go through but as soon as they are gone I'm getting myself another pot of this goodness.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day